Smart AMI Upgrade for your C&I Meters

Solutions for your end of life GSM/GPRS Devices. Upgrade card provides next generation cellular wireless connectivity to any SENTINEL 3 phase meter. Mesh hub feature allows for multiple meters to share a single cellular connection. Comes with Nighthawk's advanced WebConnect Cloud based management system.

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System Wide Remote ERT Reads

Nighthawk can collect your Electric, Gas and Water ERTs. Imagine a full AMI solution from replacing a fraction of your electric meters. Nighthawk's ERT reading meters can collect nearby Water, Gas, and Electric readings. Also provides TOU, outage detection, voltage monitoring and more.

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Cellular AMI Capacitor Bank Controller

Plugs into any standard capacitor bank controller socket. Upgrade to advanced Cellular AMI features for advanced distribution automation. Automated, manual, and remote control options as well as system integration.

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Targeted to full AMI systems

Nighthawk enables you to move from a strategically targeted solution to a full AMI system and it does so, on your timetable and as your budget allows. Deploy Nighthawk devices where needed today and build on them as you need to a full AMI solution tomorrow.

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Nighthawk is proud to be a part of the McWane family of companies.

WebConnect™ upgrades

Nighthawk would like to ask for a moment of your time to highlight some recent improvements to our Utility WebConnect™ service. Utility WebConnect is the cloud based portal that allows utility personnel to issue commands, receive alerts, and set up batch processes for handling multiple actions at once.

WebConnect™ Performance Upgrades April 2016

Nighthawk Targeted to Complete AMI solutions

Nighthawk’s cellular and Mesh-Cellular technology allows your tactical solutions to grow to a complete full featured AMI solution. ERT Collection, Net-Metering, Voltage monitoring, Outage Management Systems, Billing system integration. Cloud-based control and management portal.

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